Term dates and rehearsals
23 May    7:30 - 9.45    Full orchestra
30 May    7:30 - 9.45    Full orchestra
6 June     7:30 - 9.45    Strings only
13 June    7:30 - 9.45    Wind only
20 June    7:30 - 9.45    Full orchestra
27 June    7:30 - 9.45     Full orchestra
4 July      7:30 - 9.45    Full orchestra
11 July      7:30 - 9.45    Full orchestra
18 July       7:00 - 8:00  Rehearsal
                   8:00 - 8:20   Break
                   8:20 - 9:35   Informal concert - playthrough
If you wish to have a look at your parts beforehand, e.g. on the imslp website, please note that for the Mendelssohn they only seem to have the first violin part.
At least up to the June 20th rehearsal we will be under the familiar social distancing regime, and we will set up the orchestra in the hall accordingly – so please remember to bring a stand for yourself. We will follow the proper sanitary arrangements and will be prepared with anti-bacterial wipes for chairs and an anti-bacterial liquid dispenser at the entrance. There will be extra ventilation through front and side doors, and we can hope that we will not suffer again the icy draughts of last October. Please bring you own refreshments for the break on the 23rd; we will see if there is any possibility to use the kitchen safely for subsequent rehearsals.
A message from Julius:

Gonzalo needs to know who will be present at each rehearsal, so if you are NOT 

able to come please let your section leader know (strings) or Helen (wind and horns)